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Read Only Trello Client for Mono Android « josemiguel.torres

Read Only Trello Client for Mono Android

Recently, I’ve spent some time trying out Mono for Android by creating a simple client for Trello with just some read-only capabilities. This project helped me to get started with Android platform as well as to understand how Activity works and how to implement other sort of activities like ListActivity or TabActivity with custom adapters.

The project provides a few set of features like:

  • login to Trello OAuth,
  • list of Boards grouped by organization,
  • list of Cards grouped by lists
  • provides some basic information like badges or members.

The project could be downloaded from GitHub respository. In order to set up it you would need:

  • to reference to RestSharp.Monodroid
  • set your consumer key and secret values in TrelloOAuth class which could be obtained here.

* The solution can be opened by both MonoDevelop or Visual Studio 2010.

Other considerations:

Custom Folders structure and content:
* Delegates: contains the delegates used by Trello’s OAuthentication class.
* Handlers: with handlers I mean the classes which provide the responsability of getting data from Trello’s API such as List, Boards, Cards and so on. With this approach I tried to accomplish the single responsability principle -SRP. TrelloOAuthExtensions.cs class provides a set of extension methods in order to make it easier. GetData.cs and GetListData.cs are nested typed interfaces, which each handler should implement.
* Misc: Data and notes for me. Not included as content.
* Model: POCO classes used as a representation of the Trello’s API.
* Utils: There are a couple of classes. Network.cs provides some kind of network functionality to check whether there is or isn’t Internet connection. TrelloOAuth.cs is the core class provider for Trello API.
* Views: This folder contains all the classes used for providing custom Adapters for ListActivity based classes.
* \: Root folder: Activities.

Here there are some screenshots,


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