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Duality of IEnumerable/IObservable

I’ve been spending some time with Reactive Extensions for the last months. I came across with such framework from Erik Meijer’s live session and since then, I’ve been trying to understand what Rx exactly tries to offer us as developers. Rx turns around the duality that exists between IEnumerable and IObservable. This last one, is [...]

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Observer Design Pattern with .NET

.NET Framework 4.0 offers a set of new features focused on Observable/Observer design pattern. Actually, such pattern is a subset of Publish/Subscribe design pattern. Such kind of patterns aim to provide a mechanism for push-based notifications. The idea turns around two new generic interfaces IObserver<T>  and IObservable<T> . Whilst IObservable<T> provides all the functionality for the [...]

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Inicialización con System.Lazy en .NET Framework 4.0

Una de las novedades de .NET Framework 4.0 es la presentación de la clase System.Lazy<T>. En programación, una inicialización Lazy (el término Lazy significa, literalmente, gandul o retardado) es un método de inicialización que permite que el objeto no se instancie hasta que se llame por primera vez, es decir hasta que sea utilizado. En [...]

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